Zesty.io Unique Identifier Specification

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ZUID Specification

Zesty Unique Identifiers (ZUID) ‘/zoo ids/’ are used to label each Zesty.io created resource from content to users to media to content fields etc. everything has a ZUID. ZUID are used for data referencing in the user interfaces and rest APIs. ZUIDs are also bound to Audit Trail Logs in the system.

Example ZUID:

structure: component1-component2-component3
lengths: maxlen5-maxlen10-maxlen35

e.g. 1-1b123a2f0-qw2n4

Component 1: Entity Prefix

These string integers are static representations of specific entity types and are provided in each library as some form of constant.

Component 2: Time Encoded as a String


Date (and time):
2018-03-23 14:36:18.643025 -0700 PDT m=+0.000811554

In nano seconds:

As hex:

Component 3: A Random Alphanumeric String


ZUID Entity Prefixes

See prefixes.json for ZUID Entity Prefixes encoded as JSON. This file is the definitive source for prefixes. All other libraries should conform to it.